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fereinfunds.com offers stable long-term investment opportunities for all people in the world. Founded by group of entrepreneurs and foreign exchange dealers. Our team is doing this by focusing on Forex trading. It is everyone's desire to find secure and profitable sources for investing to build a financial freedom. This is getting harder and harder to find these days as inflation and other global economic factors make it more difficult day by day.
We pride ourselves in been able to identify viable businesses that we invest our funds and that guarantee us high profits with low risks. For us it is very important that we maintain our investors' satisfaction.

  • Started: Jul 5, 2016
  • Running days: 151
  • Total accounts: 738
  • Total deposited: $ 168354643.35
  • Total withdraw: $ 26142.58
  • Visitors online: 1
  • Newest Member: javibelloch
  • Last deposit: $15,000.00 (avilches)
  • Last withdraw: $112.50 (khairo_1980)
  • Last update: Dec 3, 2016
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